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Christmas eve

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about encounter

Jesus told the story of a man who had two sons. The younger wished his father was dead and asked for his inheritance in advance. Dad gave it to him and he wasted every dime. Penniless, he decided to go home. When his dad saw him, he ran to meet him. The older brother, believing he had earned his dad's love by never making mistakes, was jealous. He couldn't believe his dad could act so recklessly.

Both of these sons were lost; only one was found.

People at Encounter come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but our common thread is that we know that at times in our lives we've all messed up. We've been the younger son who needed to swallow his pride and ask for forgiveness. We've been the older son who wrongly believed he had the answers and everything would be better if only everyone was like him. We've been the father, who was charged with running after those who've hurt us and embracing them even before they admitted any wrongdoing.

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times & Location


4620 Kalamazoo ave se, kentwood, mi 49508


December 23rd - 9:15a

december 23rd - 10:45a

december 24th - 4:00p


Frequently asked questions


Why tickets?

For every ticket “purchased” for any of our Christmas Eve Worship Experiences, we will be donating a meal to a family of 4 through The Pantry, one of our local partners. We want to show everyone we love where we live.



what should I wear?

There's no dress code at Encounter! You can expect everything from joggers and ripped pants to something more formal. All that matters is you!



i’d like to get tickets for a friend, can I do that?

Certainly! Get as many tickets as you need. Since we anticipate our experiences filling up quickly, we only ask that you consider others as you register and not get more tickets than you truly need.



what happens when i arrive?

When you walk onto our campus, you'll meet one of our friendly greeters who will hand you a program that gives you info on what's happening at Encounter. Stop by our cafe for free coffee, some food, and/or a latte or americano.



What if I need to cancel my tickets at late notice?

If you need to cancel, we only ask that you let us know so we can release your tickets to others. In this case, just email us here to let us know.



what about my kids?

Encounter Kids! provides an engaging kids Worship Experience every weekend. For our December 23rd experiences, Encounter Kids will be open for ages birth through 5th grade. For our December 24th experience, we will be open for ages birth through 4 years old. For more information, click the button below.

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